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Red Orchid Day Spa invites you to escape with the art of natural healing touch. Replace the plague of anxiety with peace & calm.
Call today for the experience that you deserve.

Our Goal


We strive to be courteous, professional and to have each client feeling rejuvenated through healing touch. We provide a relaxing, rush-free atmosphere providing quality over quantity. 

Hours Of Operation

Special Offers


Skin Care


Spa Retreat

Kinder Care

Call for more information 801-774-0377

Hair Removal


Eyebrow Shape or Chin | $15

Lip $10 | Cheeks $20 | Full Face $65

Full Back $70 | Half Back $40 | Chest $40

Cheeks, Lip, Chin combo | $40

Brow, Lip & Chin combo | $35

Hair Removal


Under arms (pits) | $20

Full Arm $65 | Upper Or Lower Arm $35

Bikini $35 | Extended Bikini $45 | More $65

Full Leg $80 | Upper Or Lower Leg $45

How Long Does My Hair need to be?

We recommend your hair being at least 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch for optimal hair removal. For most people this is usually around 5-8 days of growth.

I Have been using Retin-A or Accutane…Can I Still get Wax?

Unfortunately no. If you are using Retin-A or any other topical cream for acne on your face we would not be able to wax anywhere on your face. However… It is still ok to get other area done. If you are on Accutane or have been on Accutane in the last 6-months we cannot wax you at all. We are happy to quote you a price for tweezing you brows. It is not recommended to have any areas waxed when on Accutane as the drug shuts off all of your oil glands. This can cause SEVERE lifting of the skin that could damage and scar the skin.

Preparing Your Skin for Treatment

Please do not use a razor or depilatory creams between appointments, as this will interfere with your goal to refine and diminish your hair growth and to have smooth skin. We cannot treat skin that is sunburned. 



Your Spa Membership Stress Free Escape Is Here!

Our members enjoy the only spa membership that combines body care, skin care, back treatments and pedicures.

Members receive a relaxing spa service of their choice every month at a substantial savings.

Your Choice| $54

One 50 minute service:  Each service is 50 minutes hands-on. 5 minutes for consultation & dressing before & after each service making it 60 minutes.

Want More?

Unlimited additional massage, facial, pedicures, and back treatments at member rate 50 minutes for | $40 each

Spa Membership FAQs


Unused services? When Can Members Book?

Unused services roll over or can be shared with others, Monthly Membership Service can be used anytime during business hours.

Can I use my membership savings with friends and family?

Unlimited family & friends rate on massage, facial, pedicure, and back treatments (must be accompanied by member at the time of service) at substantial savings member rate of 50 minutes for | $45

What if I need to reschedule my monthly member service?

Give us at least three hours notice by calling to reschedule your service. If you “no show” your monthly membership service, it will count as your service for that month.

Cancelling my membership?

Memberships are a 6 month commitment payment plan. Please call for more information.

How am I billed?

All of our members are auto charged and our secure billing system will charge you on the 1st of the month. Please call 801-774-0377 with any questions about membership or billing.

Q & A

Do I need reservations?

Please call in advance to assure availability. 

Will I have wait time if I am doing more than one service?

Yes you may have 15-20 minute wait time between services so that our therapist can insure cleanliness after each client. Take time to enjoy and relax.

Q & A

What is your cancellation policy?

Please allow at least 24 hours notice 

Arriving late will limit the time for your treatment, lessening its effectiveness and your enjoyment. As your service was reserved at a specific time, your treatment will end at its set time so that the next guest is not be inconvenienced and the full treatment price will apply.

We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items. We recommend that you do not bring any valuables.

We recommend allowing several hours between shaving and receiving any service that involves an exfoliation (body services, scrubs, gentlemen’s facial) to decrease the risk of skin irritation or discomfort.

Expectant Mothers

We will not perform wraps; hot stone services or deep tissue work on expectant guests. As a woman changes during the many stages of pregnancy, normal life routines become irregular including sleep patterns, exercise, and eating habits. Prenatal massage therapy helps to calm the nervous system, support the body through the variety of physical changes, and helps mothers persevere through this life-changing event. Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

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